Whether you are in need of monthly or weekly pool service that is environmentally friendly, around Flower Mound, TX, FNS Pool Service and Repairs, LLC is ready to provide you with great service.

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A sure way to maintain the ideal swimming environment and ensure crystal clear water is to schedule a weekly service plan. Our weekly pool service includes removing pool debris, cleaning the pool surface for floating debris, vacuuming debris from the bottom, emptying the skimmer and pump basket, and emptying the pool cleaner bag; When necessary, we also check the filter pressure and backwash and brush the tiles.

Pool Restoration Services

Is your pool looking dull, drab, and showing its age? Unfortunately, this happens to the best of pools. Over the years, that one beautiful color and finish starts to roughen and fade.

Pool Maintenance

Have you been noticing the plaster around your pool flaking or peeling off? Perhaps you’ve seen rust stains, surface stains, or other signs of discoloration or deterioration?

Pool Remodeling

Are you tired of looking at the same pool with the same colors day in and day out? If so, you might want to consider pool renovations.When it comes to getting the work done...

About us

Fns Pool Service and Repairs has more than 200 residential and commercial customers serving Denton County tx. We have a full-time service manager with 20 years of experience in the pool business, as well as 5 employees who have served pool service for many years. We serve Flower Mound tx, Frisco tx, University Park tx, Carrollton tx, Coppell tx, Plano tx, Grapevine tx, Keller tx, Westlake tx, Highland village tx.
We pride ourselves on offering quality pool service, pool repair, and pool renovations in an honest and ethical manner.

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Whether you are in need of monthly or weekly pool service that is environmentally friendly, around DFW FNS Pool Service.

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We also do a chemical balance analysis and add chlorine or other sanitizing chemicals when necessary. We test and adjust chemical sanitizer levels, check the water level, make sure the pump is working properly, test, and adjust the pH. Not each and every one of these services may be needed at the same time. Fns Pool Service offers several different pool cleaning service packages to make it easy to select the service you need to keep your pool properly maintained.

Green to Clean

For folks in the DFW area who need their pool cleaned or are in need of maintenance or repair services for their pools, there is one service in the area with a reputation for delivering the finest of pool services in the area.

Pool Equipment Upgrade

Those of you who are in need of this in DFW should call a nearby, local pool company, FNS Pool Service and Repairs, LLC to give your pool a facelift with our outstanding pool renovations or to get some repair work you may have been putting off.

One Time Clean

In our community, there are no finer pool restoration services than FNS Pool Service and Repairs, LLC. We are highly skilled and talented at pool remodeling. Why not give your pool a great new makeover?

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From pool cleaning to pool remodeling, FNS Pool Service and Repairs, LLC offers services that will make your swimming pool an enjoyable space.

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Keeping your pool always in great shape is easy when you arrange for weekly pool service from FNS Pool Service and Repairs, LLC. We’ll make sure everything is flowing smoothly.